Food Inside Out.
FOOD INSIDE OUT offers a variety of bespoke-designed small-group courses to suit different needs. All courses cover the theory, evidence and practical skills around healthy eating, cooking and shopping in an enjoyable and engaging way. They are interactive as well as informative, and participants have plenty of chance to ask questions or share ideas. The food prepared can be eaten as a main meal of the day. We provide participants with useful tips and recipes. We also provide the funders with an evaluation report on all sessions we run. Courses can be designed to suit a variety of service user groups such as ex-offenders, low income groups, care leavers or students on a budget. Please CONTACT us if you would like more information about any course. Examples of other courses we run include:

 Courses for People Living in Supported Housing.  

We operate a two-session course enabling service users firstly to identify areas for improvement in their current diets and then a practical workshop building on existing good practice to cook some low budget, healthy dishes, using basic cooking equipment.
Some comments collected during evaluation of these sessions held at Julian House in Bath are shown below:

  Other Community based courses: Cook Smart Eat Well at Hamilton House, Bristol.  

From October 2012 we are providing a course in partnership with the Matthew Tree Project, and Coexist Community Kitchen for clients using the food redistribution and support services of the Matthew Tree Project. It helps clients explore their current diets and cook healthy, cheap food using food provided by the project. Participants share food prepared as their evening meal in the newly-refurbished Coexist, dinning room. Some comments collected during evaluation of these sessions are shown below: Read more at Bristol 24-7,

  Course for Staff Development in Health and Wellbeing.

Employees are the most valuable asset in many organisations. Increasing awareness, knowledge and practical skills around healthy eating can improve both the health of staff in the workplace and the clients with whom they work.
This course promotes the role of healthy eating in both mental and physical health and is suitable for staff in a variety of settings including the criminal justice system. The session is interactive as well as informative and participants have plenty of chance to ask questions or share ideas. This course boosts knowledge and skills around healthy eating and cooking in the individual participants. In addition it includes opportunities for staff as key influencers to understand how best to promote good physical and mental health through diet for service users with whom they come into contact.
Other potential benefits from improving diet include reduced sickness levels and stress levels, improved staff morale and esteem. The course can also contribute to valuable team building and helps demonstrate an organisation's commitment to staff wellbeing.
The course can be delivered as a half-day session for up to ten staff. The food prepared can be eaten as a communal group meal at the end of the session.
Some of the comments collected during course evaluation are shown below::

 Courses for Students in Higher Education Settings.

We are currently delivering the following courses for students in higher education settings:
  1. A stand at Freshers' Fairs and/or Sustainability Days.
    Held early in the new term this education session helps students to consider the links between diet, health and academic performance. Topics include the importance of breakfast and of eating more oily fish. Our Sustainability stand also links the impact of food and cooking on the environment. The format is a practical food demonstration with simple recipes which students can sample, information leaflets and an interactive display of suitable foods.
    This session is currently being run at the University of the West of England.
  2. Workshops on Independent Living.
    This session builds on the information we contained in the first session to engage students in hands-on practical workshops where they receive more detailed individual nutrition advice and use the learn to cook healthy dishes on a low budget using basic equipment.
    This session is currently being run at Somerset College of Arts and Technology.

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