Food Inside Out.
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TOP TEN TIPS to Eat Well:
  1. Eat some fruit and vegetables every day;
  2. Base your meals on starchy foods;
  3. Make them wholegrain where you can;
  4. Try to eat low-fat dairy foods each day;
  5. Eat some protein-rich foods at main meals;
  6. Choose oily fish twice a week;
  7. Watch your salt intake;
  8. Choose fewer fatty foods;
  9. Don't skip breakfast;
  10. Drink enough fluids - but choose them carefully!
   TOP TEN TIPS to Shop Well:
  1. Buy good value fruit and vegetables in season or loose packed in markets;
  2. Supermarket "economy ranges" are usually just as nutritious;
  3. Buy smaller portions of lean meat or try turkey mince, eggs or canned beans as good sources of protein;
  4. Look for value-for-money oily fish such as fresh, canned or smoked varieties;
  5. Keep long-life milk or yoghurts in your store cupboard;
  6. Buy basics before bonuses;
  7. Make more of your own meals rather than splashing out on takeaways and ready meals;
  8. Look at labels on foods to help you find healthier choices;
  9. Look up and down the shelves for healthy foods, not just at eye level;
  10. Take a shopping list so you don't buy unnecessary items.
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