Using Resource Manager with Windows™

Usually, Resource Manager can be called from an MS-Windows™ icon and run with no modification to either Resource Manager or Windows™. However, the following set up is advised:

  1. Run Resource Manager in a window. Apart from looking better this will enable you easily to select other applications using the Start button and Task bar while Resource Manager is still running in background. If Resource Manager covers the entire screen and you cannot see any other parts of Windows, hold down the Alt key and press Enter. You should now see Resource Manager running in a window. You should see a small box with font sizes in the bar at the top right hand side of the screen. To make the window fit your screen, you usually need to select either 8 x 16 or 10 x 20, depending on the type and settings of your monitor.
  2. Call Resource Manger with the Wolff icon in the file WOLFF.ICO, found in the \RESMAN directory.
  3. If Resource Manager runs satisfactorily then there is no need to change any other settings, however, we find that the following settings represent the optimum combinations. To access these settings, click once on the Resource Manager icon with the right mouse button, then select Properties (or highlight the icon then click on File then Properties). The normal settings for Resource Manager are as follows:
  1. Program tab -
  2. Cmd line: RM.BAT

    Working: C:\RESMAN

    Batch file: <leave blank>

    Shortcut key: None

    Run: Normal window

    Tick the Close on exit box

    In the Advanced Settings box, tick Suggest MS-DOS™ mode as necessary, leave others blank, particularly the first box: Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows. If this is ticked, automatic backup on leaving Resman (single-user versions) will not work.

  3. Memory tab –
  4. Conventional memory, Total: Auto, Initial environment: 768, tick Protected

    All other settings to Auto, tick Uses HMA

  5. Screen tab –
  6. Usage: Window Initial size: 25 lines

    Tick all other boxes unless advised otherwise.

  7. Misc tab -

All boxes can be ticked except for the Mouse boxes which should be unticked.

If you have any problems running Resource Manager via Windows™, first check that you have Resource Manager version 3.7, or later (although earlier versions will run under Windows™) then that you have the above settings. (These settings replace PIF files in earlier versions of MS-Windows™.) If you still cannot solve the problem, please contact us.

NB: For mouse-related problems running under Windows™, see the Common Queries page.