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Art courses

Current timetable and prices.

Lynne Holehouse takes a class
Lynne Holehouse takes an art class.

I have painted all my life and watercolour is my passion. I started helping friends to paint at home and from there started to expand my classes. Today I run over twelve sessions weekly, teaching children and adults with the help of my dedicated and enthusiastic team of artists. I really believe that, with the right motivation, anyone can learn to paint, improve their skills or be inspired to pick up their brush again if they've "gone off the boil".

If you're a complete beginner and feel dubious about coming to a class, please do take the plunge - my classes are relaxed, friendly and fun, and you will find that many of you are in the same boat! I always demonstrate at the classes and I'm keen to show you everything I've learnt about painting."

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